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So you want to give raw dog food a try.  How do you start?

So you want to give raw dog food a try.  How do you start?

So many methods!

There are several ways to transition to raw. Below are two of the ways to transition your dog to eating fresh food.  I have no doubt there are many others, with lots of advocates of each method.

I’m not brave enough to go out on a limb and say which way is the best way. I was lucky when I got Enid as a pup.  She had been fed on raw as soon as she moved to solids so I never really had to transition her.  The best advice I can really is to do your research and see what you feel comfortable with.  You know your dog best. 

If there is a certain brand you would like to try first, then I’m more than happy to provide you with information on the best way they recommend transitioning to their food. Just let me know.


A Straight Swap

This method is probably the easiest of all the methods.  This method involves feeding your dog their regular meal the night before and then in the morning, feed a raw meal for breakfast. Some people feel that this method is best suited to puppies and young dogs.


A Gradual Switch

If you’re feeling a little more cautious, this might be the method for you.   This method sees you feed the old food with a little, maybe even as little as a tablespoon to begin with.  Each meal you add a little more raw food to your dog’s food until you are left with feeding a meal that is 100% raw.  Some believe this is a better method for older dogs who may have had the same diet for a considerable amount of time.  Transitioning gradually gives their body time to adjust and adapt and reduces the risk of an upset stomach. The transition in this instance can take several weeks or even a month to get stomachs used to eating fresh meat.


(You might feel that raw is not the right choice for you. Don’t worry! I’ll be stocking dry food in the future too so watch this space.)

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