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It's worth looking at the fat content of products.

I've seen guidelines which say for a normal healthy dog you should aiming from anywhere between 10-20% fat in a dog's diet.

Duck can be quite high in fat so as you can see, with a meal that is 100% duck the fat content is quite high. Don't let that put you off. Dogs need fat to function. Variety really is the key to a heathy diet. As long as you are feeding a variety of proteins (things like venison, rabbit are low in fat - have a look at Betsy's Game Mix to compare) then it's perfectly fine to have a high fat one day and low another. Or you can always mix the two together in the same meal!

Dog Meats Bone rating using the All About Dog Food ratings calculator

Duck (80%, of which 10% bone)*, Duck Heart (10%), Duck Liver (5%), Duck Kidney (5%) No additives

*Bone percent may vary between 5 – 15%.

Analytical Declarations: 6.2% Protein, 0.2% Fibre, 50.6% Moisture, 2.6% Ash, 37.97% Fat

Size: 1kg

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