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Hug Pet Food

Hug. Honest. Uncompromised. Goodness. 

One of the aims of Dog Meats Bone is to bring dog owners some of the best food available.  When I first started researching food I was shocked to see the lack of variety on our supermarket shelves and more often than not, the foods on those shelves are not always top quality.  What this means is that we as pet owners are often not aware all of the wonderful foods that are out there. 

Enter Hug.  I first heard about Hug while chatting to someone in the industry about how certain foods are manufactured. We were talking about some of the shortcuts that some companies make to skirt around labelling regulations. "You know who doesn't do that?" she said.  "Hug. In fact they are one of the handful of companies that don't compromise on ingredients."

I was sold. 

Hug Pet Food

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