DUCK 80/10/10

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Duck is nutritionally loaded with B-vitamins like niacin and pyridoxine, immune system boosters like zinc and selenium and Omega 3 fatty acids which promote a healthy coat and skin for your dog. 

It's also often considered a novel protein for dog foods, meaning that is a relatively new protein source and so fewer dogs suffer intolerances towards duck. If your dog suffers from allergies or intolerances towards traditional protein sources such as chicken or if they suffer from a sensitive stomach, try the duck!


Dog Meats Bone rating using the All About Dog Food ratings calculator

Ingredients: Duck Meat 80% Bone 10% Beef Liver 5% Beef Kidney 5%

Analysis: Protein 13.7%, Moisture 66%, Oil 17.53%, Ash 2.8%

Size: 454g

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