With so many outlets today, it’s important to shop with purpose.  Many of the products listed on my website can be purchased elsewhere so why shop with me?  Well, besides the free delivery, I want to get to a stage where I can I donate 10% of Dog Meats Bone profits to small dog charities (small charities, not charities who specialise in small dogs) in Manchester and as the business grows we’ll be able to help more dogs.

I want to contribute to improving the lives of all dogs, not just my own and not just my customers, I want to support those who are already helping to make dog’s lives happier.  There are countless charities to choose from but I want to focus on small, local, grass-root organisations that don’t have boards of trustees, a team of executives or a sizeable marketing budget. They could be anything from rescues to campaigners to those who provide medical help.  If you have a charity you would like to see Dog Meats Bone donate to, please email me the details.

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