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When I was first looking to get myself a dog I visited a number of breeders.  Not really knowing what I was doing I asked one breeder what she fed her dogs.  Raw she said.  She explained that she would visit her nearest abattoir and portion out the meals each night.  

One treat her lot would go mad for was dried tripe.  It would stink out her house but she would lovingly dehydrate the fresh tripe from the abattoir for her pack.  Anything for our dogs eh?

Now, you don't have to stink out your house for this amazing treat - let someone else do the hard work with already dried, pong free tripe. 

Along with camel tripe, I also have beef tripe so feel free to try both. 

Ingredients: 100% camel tripe

Nutritional analysis: Protein 68.11%, Fat 16.34%, Ash 8.62%

Size: 100g

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