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When they say giant, they mean giant. This chew comes in at a whopping half metre in length. I used to believe that something this size would take a lot of effort to demolish but I've seen some larger dogs devour it in minutes. I guess that is testament to how much they love it.

Made from beef lung, this treat is low in fat and gluten free, without any artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. 

Ingredients: 100% Beef Lung

Nutritional Analysis: Protein 72.8%, Fat 12.46%, Ash 1.78%

Customer Reviews

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My dog preferred the stick to the carrot 😉

Another brilliant chewy thing for a big dog. This is similar in size to the other "Giant Bully Stick", I had been waiting for these to return to stock after I discovered this shop 🙂 Slightly more "aromatic" than the standard stick and with a lower molecular density 🧐 it's definately another Holy Grail of chews for us. Simply put, my dog loves them. I have taken to sawing them into 3 sections to spread them out over a few days or else my pet monster would lie there constantly chewing at it until it was gone. The thing we like most about products available such as this is that unlike bones, hooves etc, there are no sharp shards to splinter off which really did concern us. Our big girl is very satisfied again, thank you DogMeatsBone 😎👍

Dani Morrison
Woah, this is massive!

This is amazing, absolutely massive for such a great price. our girl absolutely loved this and it got carried around every where until she managed to polish it off.

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