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To continue Henley Raw's 'Just' range, here is a meal with just turkey.  Chicken can be an issue with a number of dogs but they do benefit from a 'white' meat.  Turkey is a fantastic alternative for chicken.  Plus as this is a single protein meal, you don't have to worry about swerving it because it contains something else that perhaps your dog struggles with. 

Henley's meals are ethically sourced and minced on a 10mm blade so your dog can enjoy a nice chunky mince.  I think they call that tooth feel in the culinary world? 

 Dog Meats Bone rating using the All About Dog Food ratings calculator

Composition: 80% Turkey, 10% Turkey Bone, 5% Turkey Liver, 5% Turkey Gizzard

Typical Nutritional Analysis: Pending

Size: 1kg

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