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As with all of Henley Raw Dog Food minces, this is a chunky mine which tends to be more popular with dogs (Enid included).

It's a recipe for dogs who might be familiar with allergies and sensitivities. Both lamb and turkey is gentle on tums. Lamb is also a wonderful protein, full of B12 which aids their nervous system. It also helps appetite and also digestion. Lamb can be fatty though so the mix of turkey in this recipe keeps calories at healthy levels. 

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Ingredients: 50% Lamb, 20% lamb Hearts, 10% Turkey, 10% Turkey Bone, 5% lamb Liver, 5% Other Lamb Offal

Analytical Declarations: Fat 15.8%, Moisture 65.6%, Ash 2.3%, Fibre 0.5%, Protein 16.3%

Size: 1kg

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