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The only single protein pork meal on the site. 

Some people worry about feeding their dog pork. Often it's because it's thought that pork is not safe because of meat's association with the trichinella parasite.

Dog food manufacturers like Henley Raw Food (and the other brands on this site) are required to batch test their products to pick up things like parasites and bacteria to ensure they are safe for our dogs. In case of the trichinella parasite, it perishes in the deep freeze.

So don't worry!  Feed pork.

Dog Meats Bone rating using the All About Dog Food ratings calculator

Composition: 80% Pork, 10% Pork Bone, 10% Pork Offal

Typical Nutritional Analysis: Moisture 67.7, Protein 20.9, Fat 9.5, Ash 1.8, Crude Fibre 0.3

Size: 1kg

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