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Along with kangaroo, venison is low in fat.  

For some dogs, weight might be a consideration in choosing a meal lighter in fat.  For others, it might be a digestion issue.  Either way, this is Wild Venison and Duck recipe provides essential nutrients such as iron for healthy red blood cells and zinc for a responsive immune system. 

Of course, being Paleo Ridge animal welfare is a priority.  Their wild venison comes from the UK countryside while the duck found here was sourced from free-to-roam farms. 


 Ingredients: 60% Wild Venison, 30% Duck with bone, 5% Beef Liver, 5% Beef Kidney

Analytical Declarations: Protein 21.4, Fat 8.5, Moisture 66.4, Fibre 1.4 Ash 2.3


Size: 500g

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