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Everyone knows that dogs love bones.  The benefits are endless.  They provide countless minerals and vitamins in your dog's diet. They keep teeth healthy and clean and they can reduce anxiety.  They are the equivalent to a bit of calming music in a room with an incense stick burning.  

However there are a few things to remember when feeding bones.  

Most importantly, NEVER feed cooked bones.  Cooked bones can splinter, fracture teeth, cause blockages and can be potentially life threatening.  

Pick the appropriate sized bone for your dog.  A bone too small can pose a choking risk for a larger sized dog. 

Always supervise your dog when they are eating bones.  Enid is an old hand when it comes to munching on chicken necks but even she has her moments when she gulps down one without properly chewing it first.  If in doubt, hold it for your dog to bite through. 

When it comes to marrow bones, I throw them out after 2-3 days.  After a few days, they begin to dry out and become much harder.  

Lastly, if you are feeding complete meals, keep in mind there is already bone included in every recipe.  Any bone that you are giving should be given as a treat and always keep an eye on any signs of constipation.  Too much bone can be a struggle for your dog.