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There are lots of dog food brands out there.  All of the raw food brands sold by Dog Meats Bone have several things in common.


DEFRA approved

DEFRA stands for the Department of Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs.   The government department requires that raw dog food brands stick to strict guidelines to ensure that your dog’s food has been sourced, processed and packaged to high quality standards.  

They must use meat that is human grade.  Food that is fit for humans to eat.  Products have to be regularly tested in accredited labs for bacteria such as salmonella. Their premises have to be regularly inspected too. And along with testing comes traceability so you should be able to look at a packet, and know exactly what the ingredients are, in what quantities and where they came from.




Animal welfare is high on the agenda for all the raw brands I stock.  The 100% UK ingredients are ethically sourced and where possible, the animals are organic, free range and wild.  As you read through the site, check out the products to learn more about how each company does this. 



Dogs go through a lot of food over the span of their lifetime.  All the brands featured on this site use fully recyclable packaging. Along with the brands, all of Dog Meats Bones packaging is also 100% recyclable.  Even our electricity is green!


All About Dog Food

When I was frantically researching suitable products for Enid, there is one site I visited more than most – allaboutdogfood.co.uk - an independent dog food directory. With an ever expanding database, I relied heavily on their nutritional ratings as a way to separate the great from the not so great.  On each page, you’ll find a nutritional rating as calculated by them.  Where a rating doesn’t exist, I’ve used their calculator to work out an approximate.  Click on the rating to learn more about each product.

Lastly, after you’ve tried any of these products, please leave a review and even a photo if you fancy!  I’d love to hear what you and your dog thought of the product.  Not only will it help others when they are deciding on what to purchase, it’s also incredibly helpful to me to create a store that puts your dog at the centre.

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