About Enid

Like many other dog related businesses, I guess it all started with me.

Name: Enid 

Born: 2019

Hobbies: Watching nature programmes where I like to loudly growl at the animals. 

Quirks: I suffer from selective hearing.  Sometimes I have trouble responding to my own name. World beating skills though when listening for a packet of crisps opening from several rooms away.  

Dislikes: Baths but LOVES a dirty puddle - go figure.

Otherwise known as: A diva at dinner time. I've been known to be fond of one brand of food only to stop liking the exact same food on any given day.  I've tried most dog food products.  The smooth, the chunky, the smelly. Minces, meatballs, patties, sausages.  I have had the opportunity to sample them all.

I give a firm and unwavering no to wet food and will narrow my eyes at the suggestion of cooked subscription food. Plus my owner is a terrible cook. A resounding no to her homemade concoctions.

Known to eat poop.



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