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Teenage years are strange aren't they? You're not a child, not an adult and  during those  years, they are the first time you start to formulate your ideas about the world, society and your place in it.

In my case I started to be very conscious of the world around me.  Suddenly was quite political.  I read book after book about women's rights and animal rights.  While dressing head to toe in black, I became appalled at the way animals are treated for food, for fashion, for health.  My bedroom door was plastered with animal rights slogans.  I was obsessed with animal experimentation, the fur industry and eventually it lead to me becoming a committed vegetarian. No animal was going to be harmed unnecessarily for my food. 

Naturaw is a dog food company that closely matched the ethics that I held so dear in those teenage years.  High quality, high welfare and honest food packed in containers that are made from renewable and sustainable materials.  I really encourage you to read more about their ethics here

It's no wonder they win award after award for the quality of their food.