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Reggie's Raw

I often think about owners of big dogs.  A big dog has a big appetite and if you want to feed them quality food you often need deep pockets.  

When I first started Dog Meats Bone, I really thought about how could I cater best to those with big appetites? How could I find a pocket friendly brand that still had the best interests of dogs diets at heart? Is the lesser of two evils to provide cheap raw food and even if the quality wasn't what I would feed my own dog? Isn't it better to have dogs raw fed where possible?  If price is the consideration that is holding some people back, is something better than nothing? 

I read and researched brands.  I listened to what others in the know had to say about how the food is created, the ingredients that are used, the effect is has on dogs. The more I thought about it, I felt strongly that I couldn't offer food which I knew to be, let's say "not the best". 

Meet Reggies – a family-owned business that started as a local butcher shop in Wales. For more than 60 years they've been feeding their beloved dogs a raw diet from the proceeds from the shop. Their dogs (and their human customers) have been loving their food for decades and now your furry friend can enjoy the same top-notch quality too.

Reggie's Raw