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Utterly Rawsome

I like the idea of do-it-yourself recipes and I've often thought of creating bespoke meals for Enid.  I imagine she would enjoy it too.  There are different textures to keep her entertained and I think I would get a lot of satisfaction from seeing her navigate a bowl of food that is  minimally processed - not even put through a mincer. 

Then I think about the weighing and the measuring and - the horror- the maths.  Working out the bone content in a duck neck or trying to source a variety of ingredients to make sure Enid is getting a wide variety of proteins in her diet. There is the time spent chopping and throwing it all in containers, meal prepping to make meals that is going to the right amount in grams that she needs everyday.  

Without question, it's a worthwhile venture but it's a lot of work. Utterly Rawsome have taken all that work out for you.  Complete meals with a variety of proteins all measured to a 80-10-10 recipe.  Defrost and serve.

That sounds like cake and eat it to me. 

Utterly Rawsome

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