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These necks are suitable for smaller dogs. Enid loves them. 

It's recommended that owners keep an eye on their dog while they are eating bones.  If you've got a gulper on your hand who likes to swallow necks whole, one tip is to hold the one end of the bone while your dog chews and breaks the neck into smaller pieces. 

Raw, non-weight bearing bones are fairly soft, so can be digested easily whilst offering a bit of a crunchy texture. Raw chicken necks provide a bit of texture and variety to the daily meal. They offer great mental stimulation, contribute to optimal health and are a lean source of protein and other nutrients. Due to the texture, they'll also contribute to keeping your dog's gnashers pearly white.

As with all bones though, don't feed too many in one sitting as too much of this good thing can cause constipation. 

Ingredients: 100% chicken necks

Analytical Declarations:
Protein 15%, oil 5%, moisture 69%,

Size: 1kg

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