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You might wonder why all the recipes have some form of offal in them - kidney, liver, heart. Offal is an essential part of a dog's diet. It's easy to think that we all want to feed our dog's the finest steak and the best cut of meat but the truth is that those cuts of meat is are lower in the vital nutrients and minerals that dogs need.

Heart for example is rich in taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that is found in meat. Dogs need taurine to maintain good health. While some dogs make taurine within their own body, some larger breeds don't. There is a connection between taurine deficiency and heart failure, which in some cases, lead to death. What studies have found is that dogs that are fed a diet low in meat can suffer from taurine deficiency.

Joseph Stern, a veterinary cardiologist from the University of California advises choosing “a well-researched dog food that has a healthy nutrient profile backed by expert formulation and research is of paramount importance.”

70% Lamb Heart, 20% Lamb Rib Bones, 5% Lamb Liver, 5% Lamb Kidney

Analytical Declarations:
 Protein 17.4, Fat 12.2, Moisture 66.5, Fibre 1.7, Ash 2.2, 
Nutritional Analysis Per 100g as fed.

Size: 1kg

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Vicki Johnson
Our new best friend!!

We are so happy that we have found Dogmeatsbone. My Boxer loves the variety of brands on offer and is also a huge fan of the treats. The website is easy to use, payment is a breeze and delivery is unbelievably speedy. My days of panic when the freezer looks empty are over - thanks Jasmine xx

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