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This fine specimen of the parched husk of venaison de cerf has a distinct and full bodied tooth-feel that all dogs will revel in and relish. 

When first met with heady bouquet of aromats such oak, blackcurrent and the sweet flavours of autumn, your dog will be transported to far off destinations like the bottom of the garden where they last enjoyed a treasured feast for the senses. 

Each pet is sure to enjoy the piquancy and poignancy of this morsel like old friends meeting after the fall of the Berlin wall.  

Nah, this is rolled dried deer skin.  100% deer.  No artificial colours or preservatives.  It will be sure to give any dog something to chew on when having some down time. 

Ingredients: 100% deer

Nutritional Analysis:  Protein 46.8%, Fat 37.8%, Ash 1.1%

Size: 1 roll 

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