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These are a staple for Enid. She loves them. They are the most prized treat for her. Bones are exceedingly good for dogs. They have been a essential ingredient of their diet since the beginning of their evolution. You only have to watch a dog eat a bone to see the absolute joy they get devouring one.

Gnawing a bone keeps dogs occupied however they also create a sense of euphoria in dogs. The marrow, flesh and connective tissues on these bones are filled with vitamins and minerals so they are an exceedingly good treat. A word of caution, marrow can be a little rich stomachs so give these occasionally. When Enid has removed all the flesh from the outside and licked out the marrow, I will throw these away. Once the bone dries out, it can become quite hard to chew. There is a risk then of fractured teeth.

The small marrow bone is the perfect size for Enid but for bigger dogs, I've got the larger size as well.

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Amanda Blake
Variety is fantastic

Jasmine has so many varieties of the raw food and is always is great at recommending bones which little Molly thanks her for 👍

Ricky Brett
So glad I found you !

Hi , I met Jasmine about a week or so ago for the first time and I’d like to say she was a lovely lady .
I bought some marrow bones as I was struggling to get any from anywhere close to where I live and well my dog Bailey absolutely loves his weekly treat .
I bought enough for probably 2 months and will be ordering again when I am nearly out . Good quality and great price . They come frozen which is a bonus and I would definitely recommend the service Jasmine is providing and say thanks for being there 👍👍👍

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