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What in the world is hog maw?  It's actually the muscular wall of pig's stomach.  Although rarely seen here on menus, it's a common ingredient that is eaten in central and eastern Europe as well as South America and Asia.

Packed with protein collagen and fibre, this mighty chew will keep your dog going for a good while. 

As with all natural products size and shape will vary but on average these measure roughly 25-30 cm in diameter. These can be cut down too if you feel it is too much for one sitting. 

The usual rules apply here, provide plenty of water and keep an eye on them while they munch away. 

Size: 1 piece

Ingredients: 100% pork

Nutritional analysis: protein 22%, fibre 1%, ash 2%, fat 53%

Customer Reviews

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Janet Sawyer
Hog maw

Absolute winner. Greedy Vidic gets so excited when he hears the tin go. As he has so many allergies it’s always great to find a treat for him I can confidently give him. Great value and quality. Will be reordering next week.

Lesa McClements
Excellent treat

I just hope I don’t scupper my supply writing this. I’ve never come across Hog Maw before so thought we’d try it.

My dogs love it, they get a plethora of treats but I find when everything else gets boring for then the Hog Maw hits the spot.

It’s not a long last treat but it is a satisfying one that is great for calming. As the treat his lasting but edible it goes a long way to easing frustrations so it’s been a fantastic treat for my 4.

Haven’t found this treat anywhere else and certainly not if this quality. They are large too so don’t be put off by the pricing.
Highly recommended..

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